Detox unisex cleansing facial:

A beautiful skin is a clean skin. Deep cleansing, nourishing and relaxing with extracts and oils from herbs and wild berries, without parabens, mineral oils or sulphates.  

A la carte facial treatment:

A complete treatment, personalised, relaxing and according to your personal needs. It provides specific solutions to everyone. Using high-tech equipment, ingredients and innovative formulas that bring new life to your skin.  

Deluxe facial:

Nutrition and relax with effective high quality products, that returns health and beauty to your skin with unique extracts and oils, from wild Siberian herbs. Accompanied by a relaxing face, hands and feet, ritual.  

Mini Deluxe:

Nutrition and relaxation in a short time, with the same benefits as a Deluxe facial.  


For the most beautiful and original. Children's facial for girls from 6 to 12 years, focused directly for the care of young and delicate skin, using light and natural ingredients 99%, relaxing and fun.  


An aesthetic treatment application of high frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin, which causes a controlled heating in the dermis, favouring the creation of collagen and skin elasticity. Excellent results in one session, re-defines facial contours, reduces wrinkles, relaxes nerves and burns fat. Suitable for any age and any skin phototype.  


Deep peeling that exfoliates the skin thoroughly, without using chemicals or anaesthesia, therefore it is not invasive, abrasive or painful. Removes the outer layer of the skin to reveal a fresher and healthier skin. Eliminates acne, scars and marks, renews the skin, improves the absorption of products up to 50%, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, oxygenates and removes toxins in the skin, unclogs the pores and reduces their size.  

Galvanic Facial - Medilift:

Electrotherapy at medical level, delays ageing, removes blackheads, regulates acne, improves elasticity, deeply moisturises, cleans thoroughly and oxygenates the skin, helps to fight cutaneous problems from the root. It performs an extra deep cleaning and allows the products to penetrate homogeneously through the cell walls. Giving great results according to skin´s types.

Sugaring/sugar paste:

100% natural treatment, based on lemon, sugar and water, which removes hair from the follicle. It is one of the oldest techniques on hair removal, used since ancient Egypt, but forgotten in time. It is less aggressive with the skin, which makes it ideal for the most sensitive ones, people with poor circulation, varicose veins or skin problems. The skin is left more hydrated and soft since it does not eliminate skin layers, it weakens hair growth and leaves a more luminous skin.  

Hot or warm wax:

It is ideal to eliminate thick and quite unruly hair, such as the underarms and bikini line. It is not recommended for people with poor circulation, varicose veins, skin problems, very sensitive or with sensitive areas. We use third generation waxes, more flexible and lighter.

Lash/brow dye:

Without ammonia, the perfect way to appear made-up at all times with a minimum effort. Excellent to give your eyes a more pronounced definition without the need for makeup, this extraordinary treatment takes only a few minutes and can last between 4 and 6 weeks.

Brow's study and design:

Eyebrows are a very important element in our image, they define the facial expression and rejuvenate the look. The eyebrow study offers precision, care and naturalness for your eyebrows, note: it is not the same as plucking the eyebrows. We will help you find the best design that suits you according to your features.

Eyelash extensions:

Look radiant, even fresh out of bed, and without makeup ... Get a natural or more sophisticated look, as you wish.

Eyelash lift:

Perfect and stunning lashes without artificial hairs. Simple, low maintenance treatment makes your natural eyelash look longer, nourished and curved. Open your eyes and it will make you look prettier without any makeup.

False eyelashes:

Temporary application, timely solution for a specific moment in which you want to get a sexy eye makeup and a shocking look.
More than 25 years in the world of fashion and beauty, high quality makeup and superb finishing. Backed by Nars Pro and Makeup forever Pro. We also offer a mobile service.

Brides, Bridesmaids, Mothers

Party or event

Make-up class

For groups or singles. Special prices for groups

Basic manicure male or female:

The base of all manicures. Cuticle removal cut or filing of nails, shape and, nail polish or shine, hand massage with Oblepikha's living oil.

Spa Manicure:

Increases and improves circulation in the hands, ideal for dry and tired hands and nails. To the basic manicure we add a hot paraffin mask, ecological Nordic´s harvest peel and massage using Oblepikha's living oil to hydrate, nourish and regenerate.

Basic pedicure - male or female:

Cutting or filing of nails, shape and nail polish or shine, a refreshing peeling based on sugar, acid mint and arctic raspberry.

Regular pedicure – male or female:

Removal of dead skin, calluses and hard skin. With aquatic hemp mask, Siberian pine oil and white bee wax, cleanse and cut of toenails, refreshing peeling based on sugar, acid mint and arctic raspberry and to finish polished or shined nails.

Spa Pedicure:

Total relaxation and well-being for the feet, the treatment to look and feel some luxurious feet. A paraffin mask or paraffin and mud mask is added to the regular pedicure, which stimulates circulation, relaxes the nerve endings, hydrates deeply and adds the benefit of hot mud, relieves the joints. Finally, a foot and calf massage closes this treatment with a flourish.

Shimmer and Shine:

Mini manicure or pedicure for girls from 6 to 12 years old.

Semi-permanent nail polish:

A great invention with no doubt, as is the fact of polishing your nails and that this will lasts two or three weeks without spoiling and shine almost like the first day, it is the best option without a doubt.

Swedish or relaxing massage

Pamper yourself and get free! Eliminate stress and tension. This type of massage therapy aims at relaxation and elimination of toxins. Using natural oils and vegetables such as almond, coconut or olive.

Deep tissue or sports massage:

Involves a deeper and more intense massage movements than normal massage. Eliminates toxins, increases range of motion and eliminate muscle tension. Using ozonized oil or relaxation and muscle recovery gels.

Radiofrequency pain therapy:

Using conventional radiofrequency, which produces an energy that causes intense heat that travels directly to the nerve endings (uses low energy current with high frequencies) causing interruption of transmission in the pain pathways. This replaces the use of hot stones penetrating deeper and without the risk of burns.

Seventh heaven:

Allow yourself a moment of relaxation and pampering. Detox moisturising facial. Detox body peeling based on cedar wood oil and salt. Body moisturising mask with Dauric and Oblepikha oil, highly moisturising and repairing. Mini manicure and pedicure. 2 hours of total recovery and renewal.

Mini beauty:

Mini manicure, mini facial detox mini moisturising pedicure, eyebrows and moustache. Nutrition and natural hydration. To give yourself a little love and pamper from time to time and always be beautiful.


Silky and hydrated skin, double body peeling with a light moisturising massage to the maximum, This will make your tan last and leave you a silky soft skin desired by many.


Body peeling to remove dead cells and toxins, illuminates and energise the skin leaving it fresh and soft. Ideal for before tanning.

Shimmer y Shine:

Mini manicure, mini pedicure, child mini facial with facial massage. For girls from 6 to 12 years old.

Spray tanning - Sugar cane DHA:

A spectacularly natural tan in just one session! consists of a fine tanning mist over your entire body and face. When applied as a spray, DHA reacts with the proteins of the superficial layer of the skin giving a beautiful and natural golden tone. The final tone will be achieved during a few hours after the session. The tan will gradually fade in the following days due to the natural exfoliation of the skin (7 to 12 days) as well as a natural tan. Each person develops their own individual tone, more or less intense according to their natural skin tone. The more you do it the more your skin will get used to it and the tan will look even more intense and beautiful.

Bridal tanning:

The day of our wedding we all wish to have a beautiful appearance, starting with a good skin tone. The ideal would be to be tanned, something that is not easy to achieve due to stress and lack of time prior to the big day. In Revive we know how to give you that ideal colour for that special day in just 30 minutes.